Reef Factory – Probe Multi-Holder


Reef Factory – Probe Multi-Holder

Probe Multi-Holder

The Probe Multi-Holder is designed to arrange and hold a set of probes and sensors from Reef Factory at the correct height in the water. It serves to keep them in the correct position and helps to keep the sump tidy. A wide range of adjustment allows mounting on the edge of any type of tank.

Key features:

  • regulated height
  • durable high-quality material
  • aesthetic and convenient solution
  • suitable for glass and acrylic tanks


width 12.5 cm / 5 in

height 22.7 cm (max 27 cm) / 9 in (max 10.7 in)

depth 6 cm / 2.4 in

The set includes:

  • hanger
  • probe holder x2
  • fitting elements

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