Abyzz Interface

Analog control input for existing aquarium control systems

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The Abyzz Interface is a safe way to connect your Abyzz pump to an existing aquarium control system (aquarium computer, PLC control, etc.).
With the Abyzz Interface, you receive an analog control input for your Abyzz pump*. Using this input, it is possible to control the speed of your Abyzz pump via an analog DC voltage signal of 0 … 10 V.
The Abyzz Interface requires no external power supply on all current Abyzz pumps and can be contacted directly.

*Depending on the model, a software update of your drivers may be necessary, which we will be happy to perform for you upon request.
Not compatible with the Apex control unit!


Connection Assignment
The Abyzz Interface is plugged into the socket labeled “Master” of an Abyzz driver.
The DC voltage signal and, if necessary, the required operating voltage is connected via the enclosed connecting cable.
Brown: +5 V (external supply)
Blue: GND (common ground)
Black: 0 … 10 V (control signal)

Special features

  • Optical operation indicator
  • Simple connection
  • Speed control from 0 … 100% via DC voltage


  • Freshwater and saltwater aquaristics
  • Pond filter systems
  • streams


  • Abyzz Interface
  • Connection cable
  • Abyzz connection line
  • Operating instructions

Additional information


Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 340 × 250 × 140 mm
Maximum flow rate

8.500 l/h
Rated flow rate

7.300 l/h
Delivery height

6,0 m
Operating pressure (max.)

1,2 bar
Immersion depth (max.)

2,0 m
Inlet/outlet connections

40 mm / 25 mm
Line length (pump)

3,0 m
Power consumption

5 … 100 W
Operating voltage

90 … 240 V~, 50 … 60 Hz
Ambient temperature

+2°C … +40°C