Abyzz A100

Adjustable high performance pump, menu-controlled.

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Abyzz A100 – Adjustable high performance pump

The compact Abyzz A100 pump is in no way inferior to the larger Abyzz pumps in the choice of materials used. It consists of a programmable, high-performance, menu-driven electronics (driver) and a sine-commutated synchronous motor (pump).
Operation with low voltage (12V) allows the safest use in all areas of application. The integrated bearing rinse offers optimum protection against calcification and, in conjunction with the silicon carbide bearings used, a titanium rotor and a special carbide shaft, ensures low-maintenance operation.
The processed materials are designed for a long service life and meet the highest requirements and quality standards. The product is developed and produced in Germany by venotec.

Special features

  • Adjustable speed range (0 … 100%)
  • Programmable control (e.g., wave and random mode)
  • Extensive protection against e.g. dry running, overtemperature and overcurrent
  • Smooth start
  • Bus-compatible interface for peripheral devices
  • Lockable plug contacts
  • Low noise operation
  • Motor operating voltage 12V
  • Swivel motor base


  • Freshwater and saltwater aquaristics
  • Pond filter systems
  • streams


  • Abyzz A100 pump and driver
  • Power cable (1.5m) and connection cable
  • Operating instructions

Installation either submerged or dry in piping, not self-priming.
The inlet / outlet connections are suitable for PVC / ABS adhesive fittings.

Additional information


Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 340 × 250 × 140 mm
Maximum flow rate

8.500 l/h
Rated flow rate

7.300 l/h
Delivery height

6,0 m
Operating pressure (max.)

1,2 bar
Immersion depth (max.)

2,0 m
Inlet/outlet connections

40 mm / 25 mm
Line length (pump)

3,0 m
Power consumption

5 … 100 W
Operating voltage

90 … 240 V~, 50 … 60 Hz
Ambient temperature

+2°C … +40°C